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Case Study:

Cherry Valley Feed Store

Time Period: 2010

  • Local Media Relations

Purina® products are typically sold through approved product dealers, including the Infina Pet line of holistic nutrition for dogs and cats. The Cherry Valley Feed Store in Cherry Valley, Illinois worked to develop a large and successful pet business. They sold substantial amounts of the Infinia product line after its release in 2010. To support their success, VLC was asked by Purina to do local media outreach on behalf of the Cherry Valley Feed store. VLC secured a TV segment for the Cherry Valley Feed store on their local TV channel, WFIR. Every message point that VLC shared with the local station was clearly presented in the clip. Following the clips showing on TV, the Cherry Valley Feed store sold an incremental number of additional bags of Infinia® making the dealer one of the highest volume for Pet products at that time.

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