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Case Study:

Gateway Packaging

Time Period: 2011

  • Crisis Management
  • Branding
  • Industrial Relations


Gateway Packaging was established in 1982 to supply flexible packaging solutions. Their manufacturing plants are located in Granite City, Illinois and Kansas City, Missouri. Due to the nature of manufacturing, VAN LEUVEN Communications coordinated with Gateway Packaging to create an extensive crisis management plan. Prior to working with VLC, Gateway Packaging had no crisis plan in place to utilize in the event of an accident. VLC coordinated with Gateway Packaging to create a detailed and interactive crisis plan.

The plan was put into action several months after its instillation when an employee was mildly electrocuted. Media outlets contacted VLC directly and the plan was put into action. VLC held a conference call with Gateway Packaging to figure out the facts on the event and create a message plan for the media to distribute the correct information clearly and concisely.

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